Children of Southern Africa

Children of Southern Africa

Share the lives of children in Lesotho, South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, and explore the wonders and exciting opportunities in the places in which they live. From the southernmost tip of Africa to the Great Enclosure "Imba Huru" in Zimbabwe, we learn about, and embrace the different cultures and traditions of the people who live in these beautiful Southern African destinations.

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Leshoto Book cover

Ha Lesala, Leshoto : Lebohang and Polo

Fifteen-year-old Lebohang and his neighbour, nine-year-old Polo, live in the tiny village of Ha Lesala, a cluster of dwellings high up in the remote mountains of central Leshoto. Life revolves around family interactions, play and daily chores involving cooking, washing and caring for domestic animals. It's a rich life, a mixture of old traditions blended with modern concerns around education and future opportunities.

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Yeoville Book cover

Yeoville, South Africa : Thobeka and Samukelo

Yeoville, and its close neighbour, Bellevue, is a suburb of Johannesburg, close to the city centre. It has housed wave upon wave of immigrant families over its 120 year history. Nowadays, many families from other African states live here, but it is also a place that local South Africans call home. Follow Thobeka and Samukelo, two children of Zulu descent, over three days as they explore the exciting opportunities provided by their urban home.

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Quelimane Book cover

Quelimane, Mozambique : Mauro and Adelaide

Quelimane is the capital city of the Zambesia Province in Central Mozambique. Although many of the streets are untarred, the people of Quelimane know they are living in a modern, African city full of possibilities. For fifteen-year-old Mauro and his four-eyar-old sister, Adelaide, it is home.

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Kassiesbaai Book cover

Kassiesbaai, South Africa : Myrtle and Deneco

Kassiesbaai is a small fishing village close to the southernmost tip of the continent of Africa. There is a sense of expectation in the air on the last day of the year. Myrtle Kuhn and Deneco Europa, cousins who live in the village with their families, cannot wait for the big New Year celebrations planned for that night. But before that happens, they have days to explore the natural wonderland in which they live as well as nearby museums and towns.

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Malkerns Book cover

Malkerns, Swaziland : Lindeka and Vuyane

Malkerns is a small settlement in a small, mountainous country - the Kingdom of Swaziland. There are many exciting places both in and around Malkerns. 'House on Fire' has imaginative cement sculptures and the national musuem is crammed with the most wonderful exhibits. Then there is Milwane Game Reserve. Every afternoon, onlookers go to this reserve to watch the hippos which climb out of the water only a few feet away from them. For thirteen year old Lindeka and her eleven year old brother, Vuyane, Maklerns is home.

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Zimbabwe Book cover

Great Zimbabwe : Kero and Beeby

The great Zimbabwe Ruins are one of the most intriguing ancient structures in Africa. Like all children, twelve year old Kero and her six year old brother, Beeby, are busy with school, home and family. Their father works as a guide at the ruins and when he treats them to a tour of the ruins all for themeselves, they are reminded just how special it is. How lucky it is to live at this site which has fiven its name to the country of Zimbabwe.

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Maun Book cover

Maun, Botswana : Justin and Jessica

Justin and Jessica live in Botswana, in Maun, which is situated at the edge of a great wilderness area, the Okavango Delta, providing the children an outdoor classroom second to none. Home-schooled, they have great freedom but also the responsibility of working and learning independently.

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Ombili Book cover

Ombili, Namibia : Ndapewa and Johnny

The Ombili Foundation near Tsumeb in Namibia is a place where Bushman families can live in safety and be supported in their efforts to become vibrant and active participants in the 21st century. For thirteen-ear-old Ndapewa and her twelve-year-old friend, Johnny, it is home.

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